A look at unique companies that formed football teams

Some football teams are founded by firms and this article reveals a couple of them.

When creating a company, not many people would have founding a football club in their business plan, although it is an effective way to acquire a devoted following and inadvertent promotion. Bayer 04 Leverkusen is a German football team that was created by the firm within its name, who are still the owners to this day. The pharmaceutical brand is still the primary share owner of the football club, with Werder Baumann at the helm of the firm. It is far more common for a firm to purchase a football club rather than found one. It can be an amazing business opportunity to acquire a football club because they're a huge source of income, although they are of course very expensive to purchase. The revenue produced by ticket, shirt and player sales is immense, even in comparison to the income of these tremendous corporate owners. Injecting money into a club can win over the support of the fanbase and highlight your business to the sporting world in general.

The way in which football clubs are built are numerous, nevertheless some were built by firms or companies. Many clubs have cities or towns underpinning their

creation, but there are a few that are formed by a business. These may have been small businesses when they created the football teams, but they are today giants in the world of business. PSV, a member of the ‘big three’ in the Dutch league, was built by a Dutch tech giant with current Chief Executive Officer Frans van Houten. What was merely a social idea for a company, is today actually a profitable business idea. When they founded the team over a century back, they would not have dreamed how important, lucrative and successful the football team they created would grow to be.

In the French Ligue 1, AS Saint-Etienne was built by one of the most popular supermarket and retailer businesses in France, which is now managed by Jean-Charles Naouri. What began as a small business idea in the late 19th century, is today one of the biggest companies in France. The football team has grown in a comparable fashion; having won ten league titles and finishing 2nd in the European cup, they are among the biggest clubs in France. The club and business have become less interconnected over time, therefore the only link they now have is their traditional ties and founders. The unique business idea to form a football team is limited to a couple of businesses, as many teams are created through towns or other cultural teams. There are a selection of teams that have been created in the last few years, which triggers a disturbance amidst the football traditionalists, although countless other lovers welcome the new competition.

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